Stop the Death Tax
Grieving families deserve peace of mind, not the taxman at their door.
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About the Death Tax

Under the Liberals, life in Ontario has become more and more unaffordable.

The Estate Administration Tax – also known as the death tax – forces grieving families to be faced with whopping tax bills payable on the net value of the hard-earned assets of the deceased. While the death tax was initially introduced as a probate fee designed to cover the cost of processing a deceased’s will and assets, over time it has ballooned into a burdensome, unnecessary and insensitive tax on Ontarians.

Ontario has the highest graduated death tax of any province and territory in Canada. People already pay more than enough taxes during their lifetime - this amounts to nothing more than a tax on a lifetime of hard work.

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas life under this Liberal government has become more and more unaffordable;

Whereas Ontarians’ assets are already taxed multiple times throughout their lives;

Whereas the Liberal government has raised taxes through new eco fees, a health tax, and increased income taxes multiple times;

Whereas the death tax in Ontario is the highest of any province in Canada;

Whereas the last thing a grieving family should worry about is the taxman at their door;

We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: That the Ontario Government repeal the Estate Administration Tax immediately.

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